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color en las sony en Sony A700/A850/A900xx
Re: color en las sony
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Estoy de acuerdo con los compañeros calibra el monitor, de hecho en dpreview en las conclusiones precisamente destaca de la a700 entreo otras cosas, que no tiene dominantes de color

 Conclusion - Pros

    * Good detail at lower sensitivities, very slightly more than ten megapixels but no massive gain
    * Low noise at higher sensitivities although at the expense of detail (perhaps too much luminance NR)
    * Excellent dynamic range at ISO 200 (more highlight range than we are used to seeing)
    * Wide range of DRO options, manual settings deliver biggest difference
    * Excellent long exposure capability, no noticeable hot pixels even at 30 seconds with NR off
    * Good built-in flash, well metered, no color casts
    * Full support for 'Sony Alpha' lens mount and all Minolta A-type lenses
    * Good ergonomics, comfortable grip, great optional vertical grip (lots of controls)
    * Dust reduction provided by anti-static coating and 'sensor shake' using stabilization system
    * Environmental seals around controls (although not storage / battery doors)
    * Built-in 'Super SteadyShot' sensor-shift image stabilization appears to work fairly well
    * Good build quality, solid construction with no creaks or rattles (although not metal body)
    * Fast auto-focus, accurate and reliable
    * Camera feels fast in use, responsive and no real usage delays
    * Superb large, high resolution LCD (delivers full-color VGA; 640xRGB x 480)
    * HDMI video output (up to 1080i)
    * Five frames per second continuous, good buffering, superb write speed with SanDisk Extreme IV CF
    * Clean, easy to follow menu system
    * Quality glass pentaprism viewfinder (bright, large view)
    * Customizable 'hard button' on camera rear ('C' button)
    * Wide range of image parameter presets, addition of brightness custom adjustment
    * Built-in AF assist lamp (with projected focusing pattern)
    * Very fast USB 2.0 throughput (over 20 MB/sec)
    * Easy to understand percentage (%) battery life display
    * Supplied infrared remote control
    * Value for money

 Conclusion - Cons

    * High sensitivity noise reduction applied before RAW image is produced
    * Base sensitivity isn't ISO 100, this isn't directly indicated on the camera
    * Reducing noise reduction setting doesn't make enough difference (doesn't change on-chip NR?)
    * Lack of live view will be counted against the A700 compared to the competition
    * No ISO display on viewfinder status bar
    * No top panel LCD status display
    * Variable battery life (using the main LCD for status can be a big drain)
    * Poor RAW conversion from Image Data Converter SR
    * Average automatic white balance performance, still very poor under incandescent light


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color en las sony en Sony A700/A850/A900xx
Re: color en las sony
« Respuesta #21 en: Febrero 19, 2008, 15:57:54 pm »
estoy de acuerdo con muchos de aqui "calibra el monitor" mas que nada por que yo tengo un imac y lo que es el tono de la piel en la A700 se lo lleva de calle es mas supera a la fuji que en tono de piel es un 10
un saludo 

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